Gastritis crowd: Anteprandial do not drink boiling water!

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   " whats eat, but want right amount " , this ability is the most important. As to motion, also need not everybody chooses motion having oxygen, of all kinds and different person should choose to suit his, the motion of in one's power, to body weakling, even if in air fresh local rub wash one's hands with invisible soap and imperceptible water also is a kind of motion.
University of medicine of     Shanghai traditional Chinese medical science teachs Pan Chaoxi to think, eat to be mixed with the nation phyletic concern. Oriental is compared to the fitness of bean products as a whole tall, and the fitness that Euramerican ethnic group reachs lacteal protein to animal albumen is taller. What to eat, want to comply with the rule of nature. Technology of big now canopy can have been satisfied turn over seasonal and vegetable fruity to cultivate, but the problem that big canopy solved temperature, problem of inextricability however illumination, if illumination is insufficient, do not nod hormone, fructification cannot be withheld maturity grows on plant. Some fruits because employ fertilizer, fructose content is more severalfold than rising in the past, but the content of fruit acid, vitamin and inorganic salt gives now to fall.
    Pan Chaoxi says, be in even anteprandial drink boiling water, also be not everybody to suit. The person energy with motion or labor great strength is used up fast, after drinking soup to fill a stomach, can starve very quickly provoking; Have the person of atrophic sex gastritis, hydrochloric acid in gastric juice is secreted original little, drink soup to develop weak hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, bring about a stomach more easily to bilge to be digested not easily, the illness is aggravating. And fat to slanting person, if want to pass anteprandial drink Shang Lai to control staple food, should be not to have fat, low salt, without the soup with the quantity of heat, little albumen, thin Qing Dynasty that has a vitamin, and the soup of the chicken broth that should not be fat be bored with and high protein, fish, soup of broth and polysaccharide, because this kind of soup is protein already splitting decomposition, more benefit at alimentation, won't reduce weight not only, still can add fertilizer.

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