Suit to stay up late most the food of 5 kinds of drunk fruit juice

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    stays up late the dinner that day chooses moreVegetable, the fruit delicateFood, to staying up late whenHealthyHelpful. A few kinds can make a person more invigorative with energy, and be beneficial to cutaneous fruit juice is:

1. Right amount apple, carrot, spinach and celery cut small, join ice cube of milk, honey, a few, break into pieces with fruit juice machine, makeNutritionComplete and rich fruit vegetables juice.

2. Banana, wood? Does shrimp of A Href=http://www.meishij.net/s/xia/ Target=_blank> retreat Liang of Qiong of yellow Dong of the show off other Gu Tan? Nutrition of A Href=http://www.meishij.net/jiankang/yingyang/ Target=_blank> rich and can complement a lot of energy that body place requires.  

3. Contain in the fresh fruit juice that a 4 two yangtao, orange, citric place comprises? 谻 of  of  of bad Nai of Gou of crab of A Href=http://www.meishij.net/s/xie/ Target=_blank>, compensatory physical ability andHairdressing.

Juice is extracted after 4.3 grapefruit decorticate, a string of grape breaks grape juice into pieces, plus 2SoupSpoon honey, acerbity acid is sweet do not have taste.

5. A fresh cucumber, 1 / 2 litresBeansLeaf of 3 oar, mint, cool and refreshing cucumber juice is made after breaking agitate into pieces together, disappear heat recover from fatigue.

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