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    fruit mostly very sweet, its bases is candy, wait like dextrose, fructose and cane sugar. Still contain in a few fruits a few amylaceous, wait like apple, mango and banana. Diabetic person if edible is undeserved, can lift blood sugar, make the illness relapses. So long-term since the fruit is eliminated to be besides diabetic food, some people arrived even " talk about fruit color to change " degree.

Fresh fruit

But very patient of polysaccharide make water longs to be able to eat bit of fruit again, how to resolve this contradiction? Way is very simple, should have mastered only belowFaceThese 4 element.

  Element one: Take fruity turn
When blood sugar control compares ideal, namely hollow blood sugar can be controlled it is under 7.8mmol/l, control of 2 hours of blood sugar after eat is under 10mmol/l, saccharification haemoglobin control is under 7.5 % , often did not appear tall blood sugar or hypoglycemia, contented enjoy fruity precondition. If blood sugar control is not good, can wait for tomato, cucumber firstVegetableEat when the fruit, wait for fruit of choose of the reelection after the illness is smooth.   of          

 Element 2: Take fruity time 
The fruit is in twice commonly prandial among (as above midday at 10 o'clock or afternoon at 3 o'clock) or eat before sleeping one hour, this can avoid one-time absorb overmuch carbohydrate and make pancreatic burden overweight. Do not advocate commonly be before eat or the fruit eats instantly after eat.
Element 3: Have fruity sort
The content of all sorts of fruit carbohydrate is 6 % ~ about 20 % . Should choose the quantity that contain sugar relatively inferior reach the fruit with slower rate of elevatory blood sugar. Latter has certain difference possibly to different diabetic person, can make a choice according to the practice experience of oneself. Generally speaking, the quantity containing sugar such as watermelon, apple, pear, orange, yangtao is inferior, relatively appropriate to diabetic person, and the volume containing sugar such as banana, red jujube, litchi, pineapple, grape is higher, diabetic person is unfavorable edible.

  Element 4: Take fruity measure
According to the fruit influence to blood sugar, everyday but the fruit that 200 grams control edible (the quantity of heat that can supply about 90 kilocalorie) , should decrease at the same time half (25 grams) staple food, this is
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