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Dietary culture of China is broad and profound, cause source and course is long, especially what does solar term of a few festivals eat to have more a lot of implied meaning and exquisite. Civilian adage has " bowl of solstitial dishonourable dumpling, aspic drops auditive nobody to be in charge of " , "First at the beginning of one dumpling 2, 3 zygote surround boiler to turn first. " zygote also is a kind of dumpling, it is bake in a pan at ordinary times ripe, and first 3 it is to thoroughly cook. At the beginning of the first month of the lunar year 5 cry " broken 5 " , also eat dumpling. Actual, the Chinese is the most exquisite, what value most is good year the New Year's Eve this dumpling (also cry " year meal " ) , this is the culture gene that the inheritance in arteries and veins of for generations blood comes down, be in harmony of its Le Rong has family person together dumpling of the eve of the lunar New Year, in order to show the coming year prosperous, restful lucky, happy healthy, population is flourishing etc good expectation and wish. Although dumpling is small a culmination, culture connotation is worn greatly!

    dumpling results from our country has 2600 old histories, the Confucian school is classical one of, Dai Sheng of the Western Han Dynasty is compilatory " The Book of Rites " , it is technical research before Qin Han a variety of formal treatise, carry: "Paddy rice 2, the flesh one, close think bait, of decoct. " but dumpling comes from He Chao why to take the place of after all the hand of whose person, opinions vary, unable to decide which is right, lack relatively accurate full and accurate already historical data account, also lack the justifiable scientific illuminate of character, but origin of dumpling of agree on of two kinds of say also is not worth had been.

    " Zhang Zhong situation says " , dumpling is come from " cure emperor " Zhang Zhong scene " solstitial abandon medicine " . Period of the Eastern Han Dynasty, nanyang county Nie (today Henan saves Deng Zhou city Rang east town) Zhang Zhong scene, with great concentration studies archaic medical book, wide receive effective prescription, write " typhoid fever miscellaneous disease is talked " , by past dynasties cure person act according to for classical, distinguished to exploit of motherland medicine development. He is lifetime with " enter a salvation, retreat save civilian, cannot be fine photograph, also should be a good doctor " for inscription, aid world helps a person, affection fastens common people. Changsha holds the post of viceregal, manage politics does not forget old hall practise medicine 3 years, diagnose a disease uses drug. He sees flesh of villager of white river two sides is cold join force, a mere skeleton, canker of many aspic of person ear deadlocked, the heart cannot be borne, it is between demit official stand on tiptoe civilian practise medicine. Just arrived in the winter, he lets child be in Nanyang east close build canopy to raise boiler, cold medicinal material of hotpot, chili and drive one boiler is boiled together, ripe hind fish out is mincing, become auditive state with face portfolio " charming ear " boil again make " soup of ear of dispel cold charming " , emerge on blood of the whole body after a bowl of soup takes two charming side each, two ear are calorific, algidity pauses disappear, aspic ear cures very quickly. Dai Chengchuan of 1700 old future worlds, annual and solstitial bag feeds people charming ear, commemorate piece of intermediate scene teacher.
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