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    pig gall bladder -- auxiliary and antiphlogistic

Chronic tympanitis takes new pig gall bladder, , alum 10 ~ 15g, load pig gall bladder inside, plunge into the mouth good airing, press the gall bladder of airing into fine pink again, tu Yu affected part, scabby hind take off besmear again.

Cholecystitis pig gall bladder, , 150g of polished glutinous rice. Fry polished glutinous rice after fizzling out, mix with pig gall bladder, case reserve. Every morning and evening takes 10g each, withFaceSoupOr take medicine with water of warm boiled water. Light person 3 agents, the person that weigh 5 agents, can cure.

Haemorrhoid is fresh pig gall bladder, the mouth puts 25g blackBeans, close with seam, in putting cold water, boil, take out via half hours reserve. Haemorrhoid patient eats 10 ~ early, late each everyday 15 blackBeans; Half moon can heal, serious illness patient eats 2 ~ repeatedly 3 agents, can effect a radical cure.

Pig abdomen -- disappear accumulates beneficial stomach

Pleasant of flavour of pig abdomen sex, lukewarm, have the profit in filling gas, stop yearningly taste of disappear accumulating, beneficial, aid digestion, stop the function such as have loose bowels.

Treat diabetic pee frequency to use pig tummy, , abluent, cut into shreds boil 7 mature fish out. Use those who had boiled pig abdomenSoupBoil in all with rice 100g and pig abdomenCongee. Can add condiment to take feed.

Treat a stomach cold painful, gastroptosis, abdomen of enuresis disease pig one, abluent, in pig abdomen is being put after will white peppery 9g is broken into pieces, had seamed, stew into arenaceous boiler know sth thoroughly, cent is fed.

Treat abdomen of woman leucorrhoea much pig, , abluent, stew in all with ginkgo 20gSoupTake, cannot add salt.

Pork liver -- eye of the beneficial that raise blood

Pork liver can fill liver, raise eye of blood, beneficial. Protein content is compared in pork liverPork1 times taller above, this is beneficial to enhancing old person strength. Adipose content is comparedPork10 times lower, this pair of defenceSenileCardiovascular disease is beneficial. B1 of dimension ox element is contained to compare in pork liverPork70 times taller, vitamin B2 content is comparedPork16 times taller. Pork liver contains iron isPork16 times, its specific absorption, kind plant sex food is fast 3 ~ 10 times. Pork liver still contains folic acid, can promote the formation of normal blood cell, can resist malign anaemia, can prevent and treatSenileBe short of iron anaemia, and eye disease. But need to notice, should immerse through rinsing to pork liver before edible go poison is fed again, and to divide poison effectively, pork liver is unfavorable fry too tenderly.
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