Eat fresh food to be able to prevent cancer of the stomach more

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Eat fresh food to be able to prevent cancer of the stomach more

Newest research makes clear, love eats caraway to get cancer of the stomach easily, in addition, the person of A blood has cancer of the stomach more easily also.

Because 80% patients do not have inchoate symptom, reason cancer of the stomach has invisible of killer say. The Xiluoda that Fudan University Professor Li Jin that pursues tumor gene and biology cure research for a long time held yesterday enters exhibition period cancer of the stomach to get used to disease express on the seminar, the tall danger crowd of cancer of the stomach often uses the method of vegetable of the souse that add salt or smoke bacon and fish to save food commonly, love not less now to have the public figure of caraway especially, add saline souse caraway, consider as oneself compare green health, but bury in fact played hidden trouble of cancer of the stomach.

Cancer of the stomach and A blood had connection to contain genetic element.

The expert expresses, maintain regular habits and customs, the dietary habit that carries the law especially is very important to the precaution of cancer of the stomach. Want to correct habit of partiality for a particular kind of food, eat fresh food more, improve unreasonable cooking way.

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