"Eat bean curd " the food of 5 big notes

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   BeansCorrupt is in order to fizzle outBeans, greenBeans, blackBeansFor raw material, via immersing, grind an oar, filter, the oar that boil, add fine, caky and shape to wait for working procedure to machine and be become the widest, most one of cooking raw material of in a popular style.

   BeansCorrupt andBeansThe protein content of corrupt goods is compared bigBeansTall, andBeansCorrupt albumen belongs to complete albumen, contain 8 human body is indispensible kinds of amino acid not only, and its scale also is close to human body need, NutritionEffect price is higher. BeansCorrupt still is contained adipose, carbohydrate, vitamin and mineral etc. Theory of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, BeansSex of corrupt flavour pleasant is cool, enter lienal, stomach, large intestine classics, good energy of life and medium, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid the effect of moisten the respiratory tract, clear hot detoxify, usable in order to treat thirsty of bare eye, disappear, WinePoison. ButBeansAlthough corrupt is good, eat to also have disadvantage more, excessive also can be endangeredHealthy.

  Problem 1: Cause indigestion

  BeansVery rich protein is contained in corrupt, one second edible is overmuch not only block up human body is right of iron absorb, and cause protein indigestion easily, appear the unwell symptom such as abdominal distension, diarrhoea.

Problem 2: Spur kidney function decline

Below normal circumstance, the person eats to pass metabolization change into the vegetable protein inside body, final much makes the waste material that contain nitrogen, by nephritic eduction body outside. The person arrivesSenile, the kidney excretes the ability of trash to drop, be like right now carelessly food, a large number of edibleBeansCorrupt, absorb overmuch plant sex protein, the grow in quantity of the trash that contain nitrogen that will naturally make be generated inside body, the burden of aggravating kidney, make kidney function ebbs further, go against the bodyHealthy.
  Problem 3: Make arteriosclerosis form

  The United StatesMedical expert points out, BeansVery rich egg ammonia acid is contained in goods, egg ammonia acid falls in enzymatic action but translate into half Guang ammonia is acerbity. Acid of half Guang ammonia can injure cell of endodermis of arterial tube wall, make cholesterol and triglyceride easily deposit go up at arterial wall, make arteriosclerosis form.
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