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Differentiate the method of 10 names tea

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Dragon Well tea of     west lake, a variety of oolong tea, green jade needle of the snail spring, Mao Jian that believe this world, Dou Yun wool, yellow Shan Maofeng, 6 install melon piece, Qimen black tea, Wu Yiyan tea, Junshan, fragrant name is far sow, become Pin Ming to go up anthology. However close the coming year 10 names tea also appeared a lot of sham products, the main feature that everybody introduction gives these well-known tea below and knowledge false method.

Dragon Well tea of     1, west lake, originate in area of Zhejiang Hangzhou west lake, tea is flat look, xie Xi is tender, body is neat, width is consistent, for green yellow, feel is slick, one bud one leaf or 2 leaves; Bud grows Yu Xie, grow 3 centimeters commonly the following, bud-leaf is even Cheng Duo, do not take clip the base of a fruit, fragment, small and exquisite. Faint scent of flavor of tea of Dragon Well tea, tea of sham Dragon Well tea is clear careless flavour more, clip the base of a fruit is more, feel is not slick.

Snail of     2, green jade spring, originate in Jiangsu county too the peak of snail of green jade of hill of hole front courtyard of the lake. Silver-colored bud is shown, one bud one leaf, tea overall length is spent for 1. 5 centimeters, every 500 grams have 58 thousand - head of 70 thousand bud, bud is Bai Hao curly form, the leaf is curly clear green, foliaceous copy young tender, even and bright. It is one bud falsely 2 leaves, bud-leaf length is not neat, show yellow.

The     3, wool that believe this world is pointed, originate in Henan to believe in relief Che Yunshan. Its appearance demand is tight fine, round, smooth, straight, yin Luyin is emerald green, endoplasm perfume is new, foliaceous copy is pale green even and orderly, clear black, general one bud one leaf or one bud 2 leaves, it is curly form falsely, blade hair is yellow.

    4, Jun Shanyin needle, originate in Yang Junshan of Hunan high mountain. Make by the head of fat tender bud that did not spread out, bud head stout and strong erect, divide evenly is neat, wrap around completely fluff, colour and lustre is golden and shining, aroma Qing Dynasty is bright, dark brown shallow yellow, smell is sweet bright, strong bubble looks bud needle bears down on surface, impending and erect, sink slowly next a cup of bottom, form be like group of bamboo shoot to come up out of land, resemble silver-colored knife again erect. False silver-colored needle is clear careless flavour, needle of the silver after bubble cannot erect.

    5, 6 install melon piece, originate in Anhui 6 An Hejin stockaded village the Qi Yunshan of two counties. Its appearance open and flat, each do not carry bud and cauline stalk, the leaf shows green smooth, small overlap up, melon seeds of be similar in shape, endoplasm aroma is great-hearted, water quality is dark green, flavor is answered sweet, foliaceous copy is thick and bright. A false taste is bitterer, color is yellower.
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