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The kipper of Dong countryside gust reachs brawn

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The kipper of Dong countryside gust and brawn (graph)

From ancient up to now, enthusiasm of people of our the Dong nationality is hospitable, the be a guest in liking guest friend relatives and friends to come to the home most already by everybody witting, wide to circulate, what person of Home Dan Dong likes to receive visitor with kipper, brawn most is consuetudinary, as the changes of the times, the change of dietary structure, and what the outside knows is very little. Kipper, brawn is really sweet, acerbity, hot 3 flavour completely, and color, bright, tender, sweet have, not only cold heat can be fed, and taste very goluptious, the food of the daily life of a family of since Dong family, also be the entree of entertainment guest. Of kipper, brawn depositing a tool is to use ligneous bloat bucket. Because was done not have in the past " freezer " , use bloat the bucket will replace freezer, bloat of the bucket make very exquisite, do manual work is very careful, bloat of the bucket advocate material is fir, had better use outer core of cedar of the rest after degenerating or old firry branch.

The carpenter bloats according to making the high draw materials of the bucket, break off fir into the block of thick 3 Cm, wide 4~5 Cm with knife or ax, reoccupy ax cuts that block into inside sunken outside protruding, go up wide below narrow, with plane block plane, by need size to secure in included angle implement on, measure good point of view, bamboo of eye reoccupy Nan is gotten to nail bolt hammer in fixed position, mosaic a circle bloats the thick embryo of the bucket. Install bucket bottom again with inside and outside of light of round dig dig next. Last working procedure organizes the band of thin bamboo strip of adult glyph with respect to the thin bamboo strip that use bamboo, band 5~7. If need not band of thin bamboo strip, with cramp also but, cramp wants 3~5 way only. Bloat after bucket make it, still have a very crucial link, that is souse cruelly oppress before, must use water of decoct of a kind of hot leaf, immerse cask, the action of disinfection and stink of eliminate wood raw meat or fish reachs since.

The optimal period that makes kipper is the traditional Chinese calendar 10 to between November. The method that make: Ran  inspects Yan arrow cereal [show off of Meng of bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase of delay of  of ∧ honest Bo calls  ?~4 day, wait for salt to dissolve entirely can souse. Commonly used old bloat the bucket must be cleaned clean. Bloat newly to prevent bucket wood fishy, should use careless ash of standing grain stalk to mix bath scald thin slices of meat in boiling water, reoccupy leek is wiped. The spice of kipper makes up:  of Kang of  suddenly Xie health mu defect of Kang Na of  of joyous ㄊ of blown away by wind of Ai Ni  chases after the benzene that buy massacre to visit persimmon of Long of Gui  cereal clumsy Piao Long persimmon can ń of ⒒ of Suan of scepter of   ⒋ visits  of Jing road  to say to be able to bear or endure Xian of makings wholesale Jie, bring into flooey skin of fish of piscine abdomen, attrition next, load bloat bucket, stand put. Install to be enclothed with flooey, gather up smooth impaction, reload. Press this law n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine, install it is advisable to be controlled to 10 Cm of mouth leaving a barrel carapace of bamboo shoot of Xie Huo of leaf of the calla on the lid, Zong all but, build again on careless shade, use 10 Kg to control the rock that has cleaned to press finally. After two days, mouth of bucket of infuse of right amount cool boiled water makes reoccupy " dish altar water " , a month can open bucket edible later. The time that its kipper, brawn deposits is longer, taste is better. 3~5 year not bad also.
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