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Plum rains season loves to eat carry on to promote mildew dried vegetable

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These days overcast and rainy is unbroken, from time to time is hot and dry and depressing, the feeling entered plum rains season. Press traditional aerography view, plum rains is general from June the middle ten days of a month begins, but climate hasten is warm now, such as florescence, into spring, into summer ah, whats shifted to an earlier date, also had the feeling that enters a plum ahead of schedule then.

Plum rains original intention is the rain of plum maturity period; Because plum rains is seasonal air is humid, clothings is easy mildew changes, friend says again " mildew rain " . Pronunciation is identical, this among them only our Chinese makes the mystery clear. But plum rains and mildew food set are relative, it is an a catch question that pay no attention.

Chinese always with dare eating, delicious, have head giving a flower and famed, although food became moldy,also dare eat, what eat even is mildewy. Changing law let its mildew change, belong to look for a kind to have a way. According to a his old schoolmate claims, be in the United States, mildewy thing distains to eat, inspect even break the law. I laugh at that " false foreign devil " , gnawing a few years of foreign biscuit to forget his is who, that foreigner acid does not pull the cheese of Ji, be also fermented thing. For the feature from biology, ferment and mildew changes belong to " with division " , was to change substaintial. The cate of journey earth flavour with unforgettable >> (graph)

Respecting mildew dish, estimation head pushs carry on to promote mildew dried vegetable, have facing one of its mildew word only almost, of call a spade a spade. Actually it is " apprentice " its are surnamed. Mildew dried vegetable bloats namely actually food is dry, wait for souse with Chinese cabbage, cole, mustard normally and become. Taste delicious mustard wanting number works among them, namely Shanghai person says " rice toot mustard " . Take this to plant dish to bask in the dried vegetable that makes, outfit take out after time of be soiled of the salt in small world, air is basked in, evaporate is ripe, after dish presents red black, bask in below the sun. Such iteration evaporate is basked in for many times, till colour and lustre is red bright, aroma is tangy. It serves as complementary dish commonly, among them carbonado of mildew dried vegetable is the renown course that Changjiang Delta takes, no matter restaurant family can be cooked.

But mildew dried vegetable is not mildewy. Like the person of Anhui wanting number of mildew dish truly. The classical ad saying of badge dish is " not long hair does not eat bean curd, the fish is not smelly do not eat " , those who eat is its mildew flavour. In rainbow plum recreational street has house of one armorial dish, storefront is very small, also 100 come square metre, but the business is very good, be to developing corrupt of young soya bean and smelly Gui Yu to go. And badge city person can write a story, every dish has a law, hang on the wall, come " accost " your greedy bug and " acerbity bug " . Zhu Yuanzhang invents corrupt of young soya bean secondhand, because Ming Jun is hit into the village, soldier one hungry is not choosy about his food, ate local common people to discard many days bean curd of already mildewy hairy, discover flavour is very good unexpectedly, produced badge food thereby classical. Smelly Gui Yu also is to be hit by accident bump by accident, because some badge business saves not to be pooh-poohed to bring back a medium fish to deteriorate, and cannot bear discard, did not expect change decayed for magical. Arrived later the accomplishment brook below yellow foot of a hill, ate bean curd of authentic wool of smelly laurel fish, the feeling is more exciting. Above example explains, compatriots likes eating mildew course, its are born is accidental element, a curious coincidence, not be sedulous.
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