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China food culture is affected to circumjacent country

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On     world, always the Chinese does not have the Chinese's place even, can see the effect of Chinese food culture. So, law of ability of cooking raw material of China, cooking, traditional food, feed wind to feed common to wait a moment, how be to transmit what go to world each district?
    is in early period of Chinese of the Qin Dynasty, china travels external with respect to what began dietary culture. According to " history write down " , " Chinese book " wait for account, when the Western Regions of be sent on a diplomatic mission of Zhang Qian of the Western Han Dynasty, in be the same as through the Silk Road inferior the communication activity that each country developed economy and culture. The person such as Zhang Qian besides introducing the products such as cucumber, Hu Tao, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Sui, til, carrot, pomegranate from the Western Regions, also the peach Central Plains, plum, the products such as apricot, pear, ginger, tea and dietary culture passed the Western Regions. The Chinese grave that is in area of former the Western Regions today in unearthed relics, have the ligneous chopstick that comes from Central Plains. Our country tradition has way of broil of a kind of eat in barbecue technology, also early was passed through the Silk Road in inferior and on the west inferior, people was formed finally to like the formation hotpot that bake to string together in place.

    compares the southwest the Silk Road with northwest even a few earlier the Silk Road, north removes Chengdu of southwest town of military importance, yunnan of by way of arrives in south the peninsula is Burmese with India. This the Silk Road is producing the effect that spreads dietary culture external likewise in Chinese generation. For example, the Eastern Han Dynasty builds military year, show of Liu of Han Guangwu emperor sends Ma Yuanna of Fu Bo's general to ask for, arrive reach foot (today Vietnam) one belt. At that time, large quantities of Han Chaoguan arms lives in fortification of the and other places that reach foot, chinese the traditional Chinese calendar the 5 dragon boat festival at the beginning of May had the belt eating convention such as the zhongzi to arrive to hand in foot and other places. So, up to now Vietnam and southeast Asia each country still are being withheld those who eat a zhongzi is consuetudinary.

    in addition, the dietary culture of our country is very old also to the influence of Korea, this kind of circumstance probably only then Yu Qin is acting. According to " Chinese book " wait for account, qin Daishi " swallow, neat, Zhao Min avoids ground Korea counts a mouth. " Chinese dweller of so much comes to Korea, natural meeting takes dietary culture of China to Korea. Chinese generation when, the Chinese defends full Ceng Yi to spend bright lord of hold office at court, dietary culture of China is the right now deepest to the influence of Korea. Korea is used to use chopstick to have a meal, person of the cooking raw material that Korea person uses, Korea goes up in the collocation of meal, apparent region has Chinese distinguishing feature. Be in even cooking is theoretic, korea also pays attention to China " the five flavors " , " 5 kinds " wait for a view.
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