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The zhongzi of world each country is consuetudinary

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The tradition that dragon boat festival eats a zhongzi is China is consuetudinary, however, also have in abroad eat a zhongzi differently consuetudinary.

JapanThe zhongzi that the person eats when celebrate a festival is not done with polished glutinous rice, and do with the ground rice that smash, the appearance of the zhongzi and China are different, include the zhongzi generally hammer form.

Burmese also love to eat a zhongzi, but contact without what with dragon boat festival. They are to use polished glutinous rice to be raw material, make stuffing with mature banana and shredded coconut stuffing, the zhongzi of such make it of soft, sweet taste, the fragrance when eating is tangy, aftertaste making a person is boundless.

Vietnam person eats square salty Zong in dragon boat festival. This kind of zhongzi is to use shrimp, lean lean, duck's egg yellow, redBeansDo stuffing, have local color of Fujian another name for Guangdong Province quite. Still one is plant sweet Zong, it is to use pink of polished glutinous rice to hold powdery group, coconut silk, will redBeansOr greenBeansStuffing a place of strategic importance enters the lozenge Zong of powdery round make it, the after with ripe evaporate touchs sweet juice or saccharic eat.

The Singaporean loves a flower very much, when every time the guest calls in, master metropolis serves a few bundles of flowers, and the zhongzi that still can carry beautiful juice be contaminated asks a guest to sample. Zhongzi of this kind of beautiful juice is to use greenery to include polygonal account, onlyChickenEgg so size, spread out greenery after, Facethe zhongzi is catch what become into  of virescent ground rice essence by beautiful juice, colour and lustre is inviting, taste flavour faint scent is goluptious.

Malaysia, the zhongzi that the zhongzi that people place does and Guangdong take is a bit similar, besides the breed such as commonner fresh pork zhongzi and ham zhongzi, still haveBeansWait for a few kinds of zhongzis with shredded coconut stuffing dene, sweet and goluptious, delicate alcohol is sweet.

The Indonesian is particularly exquisite to zhongzi stuffing requirement: HavePorkStuffing, BeefStuffing, ChickenMeat stuffing, have bacon stuffing, ham stuffing, still have meat stuffing of stuffing of wide flavour banger, shrimp, FishMeat stuffing. Indonesian zhongzi is done with rice, digest easily than polished glutinous rice, add Zhu Xie's inviting aroma, can cause the appetite of people very much.

Philippine zhongzi is strip form, the zhongzi that gust and Chinese Zhejiang take is identical. The zhongzi is Philippine spend christmas day indispensable
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