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The Russia eat masterpiece of top pole

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    [Cate outstanding Abroad amorous feelings]

Red foodSoup

InOn the state banquet bill of fare that the Kremlin runs, red foodSoupIt is one lists dish type surely forever. In those days Sidalin is when fete Mao Zedong, ever recommended enthusiasticly, khrushchev most those who dote on also is this red foodSoup. Luo SongSouppractice, but used a Russia is peculiar kind " flesh of green Pi Gong " the turnip is made, when drinking, accompany even? Does sandpiper of cub of  of Shang Yao of A Href=http://www.meishij.net/s/tang Target=_blank> write  scrupulously and respectfully?

HerringFishSanded law
Cate outstanding picture

HerringFishBe a kind deep-seaFish, general course is fumigated or souse just puts ShalvliFace. Allegedly, be in Russia, this is a kind of homely sanded law.

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