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Is the mankind to have a meal to still take a side first first?

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Original evaporate meal boils     the ancients bead feeds congee.

    is people how cook cereal threshing? " · of The Book of Songs is unripe civilian " in say: "Of pestle draw, of winnow with a fan knead, commentate old man, the float of evaporate. " here tells us, cereal threshings and cooking is the collective labor process of a heavy and complicated: Some people use wooden beetle to pounding cereal in the joint of bones of the disinter on the ground, some people's nice pestle with wooden gourd ladle corn bail out comes, some people are kneading corn to make branny skin is taken off with both hands rub, some people are in branny skin of winnow with a fan, barnyard grass, after waiting for cereal to had been machined, go cleaning out rice, the sound that clean out rice whizs whiz noisy, then next boiler evaporate are boiled, steam rises, such ability realize bead to feed. First the congee meal that acting people often has when the Qin Dynasty is millet, millet and beans. Millet and millet of millet a general designation, beans is a beans is ancient say. Paddy rice is mixed at that time wheat is precious grain, average person eats not easily. And should eat wheat, also cannot pink is fed, can bead is fed, boil wheaten Ren Zheng into wheat meal, burgoo to eat, because stone mill is returned,did not appear. Age evening, fair be defeated kind contrived stone mill. Stone mill uses the cereal that grind rice huller, can grind cereal skin carapace already, can make further treatment again, make wheaten bran comes out from the depart in wheat area, make it flour. When people the society is ground when making flour and ground rice, all sorts of pink feed goods to be emerge as the times require.

    arrived Chinese generation, turn with artificial hand push and the stone that affect with animal power grind trial-produce to succeed, the windmill of 棗 of ligneous farm tool that people created winnow with a fan to choose cereal to use again (make fan again, it is the) that the principle that uses fan board circumgyrate to give birth to wind makes, such, arrive from unprocessed food grains grain ration, feed pink to feed a series of treatment processes from bead, appearance changed completely. From two Chinese arrive latter-day, the country of catchment of our country the Huanghe valley, the Yangtse River, beetle joint of bones, step a treadle-operated tilt hammer for hulling rice, water-powered trip-hammer, windmill, stone to turn grind wait for a setting, it is very general. Yuan when era, our country is versed in Qu invents mechanical drive to grind the method of the face opportunely, grind set upstair, set crankshaft downstairs in order to come back (according to Ming Taozong appearance " cease is recorded n cultivated land " ) . This is the device that the first mechanical drive wears a face. People wants bead to feed or pink is fed, can listen to its each. As to use steel to grind treatment commissariat, that is last century middle period the following thing.
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