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Culture of eat of Chinese and Western has distinguishing feature each

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    garment, feed, live, it is the mankind all right the basiccest live activity, the content that come and form are shown in each each each timeses, countries, nation place from its, all without exception shows the process that human civilization develops and level. "Civilian it is a day in order to feed " , food is the serious content that human society lives, the collection from food material, production, treatment, store carry, place goods shelves, sale to habit of custom of cook means, food, tradition of disposition of the manufacturing pattern that can reflect a different country, different people, nation, culture, aesthetic vogue, creativity, and sense of morality of philosophical thought, ethics. Not only such, as a result of different terrain feature, the dietary culture of different country, different people still contains special local culture colour. Chinese meal and Western-style food culture are put in the difference with particular move.

Food is culture first human body, it is culture can have transmission and communication necessarily. Accordingly, the dietary cooked food of Euramerican each country also passed into China. From now on, western-style food makes another kind of taste that we often can sample. The history that Western-style food develops in our country is longer. Early in famous Italian traveler Ma Kebo Luo Laizhong country travels when, the making method that chooses with respect to dish of will certain Europe passes into China. 1840 after the Opium War, each haven city opens those who reach each concession to appear, western-style food house appears in China subsequently, got developing quickly. Arrived 20 centuries 30 time of 20 ~ , of China in the upsurge that eats Western-style food was lifted in personage of superstratum all circles, industry of mark China Western-style food took one step. Till go up a century 50 time, the national increase of friendly intercouse, western-style food is managed begin vivid capriole to come, develop flourishingly. Reforming and opening delivered spring breeze to Western-style food course of study, appear in succession the travel restaurant with a few joint-stock China and foreign countries, introduced advanced Western-style food equipment and advanced treatment method, raised the cooking level of Western-style food, from this more affirmatory also Western-style food is in China the significant position of dietary industry.

Will look from the tradition, western economy developed country is given priority to with carnivorous of high protein, high adipose, high quantity of heat, and the food of composition of edible carbohydrate, cellulose slants little, and our country basically absorbs quantity of heat from inside cereal. This is why Hesperian contracts fat disease, diabetic, heart disease, hypertension and cancer mostly easily, and Chinese many nutrient lack, constitution slants weak reason. On cook means, the west uses machine operation to undertake large-scale turn production, requirement nutrition, convenient, quick, china pays attention to fine fire slow lukewarm, make cooked food careful, with sweet lure appetite to be a feature, in order to mediate the five flavors is essential, it is elite with colour art, eat energy of not tire of, meat chopped into small pieces not tire of is fine, beautiful of all of form of requirement lubricious fragrance. On dietary environment and service means, western-style food notices neat sanitation, the in an orderly way on requirement whole, provide comprehensive and excellent service, with its brand-new design, quiet and tastefully laid out environment, straightforward style, got used to the trendy view of broad youth of modern life rhythm and Hesperian and world, won the welcome of broad client thereby. And the culture colour of tableware of have the aid of of Chinese meal criterion and have dinner environment shows its uniqueness, go up in service means criterion not as good as of Western-style food meticulous and considerate. Perpetual eastward market tilts and the generalization expression of Western-style food is in Western-style food food, with American Mcdonald's hamburger, Kendeji big vegetable of pizza of fried chicken, Italy, France, Spain bakes the pig west that is a delegate the new trend that large family of a few famous brand is leading current world food to consume.
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