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The French coffee culture with long history

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    mentions wave Er much city of France, the wave Er much bishop that people can associate may morely to be famous in the world. But in fact, the heavy goods in world trade -- coffee, will also be mixed for years wave Er much city be closely bound up. The first cafe of     Europe appears in 17 century metaphase. As the development of coffee commerce, two haven of France -- the trade centre that Leafo and Boerduo become entrance coffee beans gradually. In time of more than 300 years, coffee is in what Boerduo stays had been bequest not just.     coffee beans shows green, also be called so " green coffee " . The ability after green coffee passes roast becomes the Brown coffee beans with common people. The coffee beans classics after roast smashs, reoccupy boiling water develops bubble or boil, just become sweet thick delicate coffee. Boerduo has store of roast of a lot of coffee, although these shop are very small, but they did not defeat in the competition with big company. The coffee beans that a roast inn that the name is Marshall is machined every year amounts to 125 tons. The boss of Marshall inn Marshall Gelisi says, green coffee is balmy 4 excessive, the flavour after passing roast is mixed even some resemble bishop, very inviting. Another roast inn that the name is Saborui can be     every year cafe, dining-room and restaurant offer 200 tons coffee, better to be managed, they want to undertake adjustment at any time according to the client's requirement. This is not an easy job actually. Dai Ersi of · of Henry of controller of inn of Sa rich luck says, because the distinction of supply of goods of coffee beans is very big, because this must want mix them,rise, assure consistency, ability ensures the quality of coffee. Still a roast inn that the name is Mo Ji tastes with original Boerduo celebrated. This inn boss overcomes Lisituofu to say, although retail client is increasing, but the concussion as a result of economic depression and domestic and international big company, their management all the time very difficult. Culture of     France coffee is of long standing and well established, eat and drink by no means like pastime simple. A cup of coffee matchs the sunshine on one afternoon and time, this is typical French coffee, important is not flavour however the sort of coming loose weak manner and make a group. The French drinks coffee cultured is environment and emotional appeal, book, writing looks beside the small coffee table of roadside, harangue, fritter away time. Since this century, cafe often became social activity center, became the club of intellectual debate issue, down to became a kind of typical symbol of French society and culture.

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