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Dumpling stuffing is literate also

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Stuffing of     1) celery -- namely diligent the meaning     of money is diligent: Namely often, diligent close (frequent) in a steady stream is constant, those who call is diligent stuffing of leek of money     2) -- namely long the meaning     of money is long: Namely time is long, ages ago, those who call is long stuffing of Chinese cabbage of money     3) -- namely the meaning     of 100 money 100: Measure word, namely 100 kinds, the meaning of 100 appearance, stuffing of calling Xianggu mushroom of money     4) -- the meaning     drum that beats money namely: Rise high namely, bulgy, the form of Xianggu mushroom
Shape as up arrowhead, or be stock grail go situation, up, the meaning of full beat, stuffing of calling pickled Chinese cabbage of     5) bosomy money -- the meaning     that calculates money namely calculates: Namely assess, liquidation. If money arrives more,should calculate night, how much is that? Call calculate money

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