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The dietary mystery of village of each district long life

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    because of situation environment disparate, of the mankind live environmental differ in thousands ways, gotten food sort, prandial structure each are not identical, nutrient health condition also each has his strong point. But, it is western country no matter, still be east state, existing a batch of macrobian crowds, they are in long-term evolution and choice, form distinctive dietary habit, and habit of this kind of food, be their healthy and macrobian mystery.

The standard of     macrobian crowd

    world each district, the macrobian old person of different people, different religion has considerable amount. According to the regulation of U.N. , the standard of macrobian area is the World Health Organization of 100 years old of old people that there should be 75 aboves in every 1 million population thinking life expectancy of average per capita exceeds 70 years old is macrobian country.

    " macrobian countryside " dietary mystery

    is current, the whole world has 5 places to be able to be maintained to be macrobian countryside by international nature medicine, they are: Sa of rarely of Xinjiang of Chinese Guangxi Ba Ma, China and cropland, Pakistan, outside the Gelujiya of Caucasian area and Ecuadorian Bierkabanba.

The rarely Sa of     Pakistan

The Xinjiang of valley of     rarely Sa and our country borders. In rarely Sa, local almost never sicken, 889 years old still can work in the ground, a lot of people had lived healthily 100 years old. According to the on-the-spot check of British medicine expert, rarely Sa person is prandial give priority to with plant sex food, like to eat rough-wrought flour, milk products, fruit, green vegetables, potato kind, sesame seed like right amount and drinkable a kind of wine that makes by grape, mulberry and apricot " the water of rarely Sa " . In addition, rarely has a lot of glacier, river near Sa valley, these water are contained a lot ofmineral, but all the year round drinkable. Advantaged natural condition, very advantageous to the health of local.

The Bierkabanba with Ecuadorian    

    Ecuadorian south is a mountainous area the village that one calls Bierkabanba, it is the ground with accepted the most macrobian the Western Hemisphere, there are many 20 old people of 100 years old of aboves in making an appointment with 5 000 person. Bierkabanba person with maigre give priority to, like to eat legume, corn, banana, sweet potato, rice, mango to wait, eat animal food and food of high quantity of heat rarely. Local likes mineral content is higher in drinkable spring water, among them the proportion of the composition such as iron, magnesium is very good.

The Gelujiya of Caucasian area outside    

Gelujiya is located in     outside Caucasian area. In a lot of famed in the macrobian village of the world many people can live to be 130 years old even 140 years old. The macrobian countryside in Gelujiya Abahajiya, local dweller eats the bread that makes with corn face and congee everyday, drink 34 cups of two cups of milk, yoghurt at least, do not have banger, bacon or ham, eat fat of cake, potato, animal and candy not to drink coffee rarely, basically drink place to produce " Gelujiya tea " . Of local water show small alkalescent, ph value is 7. 2 ~ 7. 4, the haemal Ph with the person is almost identical, it is normal that the blood-vessel of the person that make these macrobian maintains on the low side of softness, blood pressure, pulse. From this, the scientist thinks alkalescent food is beneficial to long life.
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