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German expert loves to eat earthenware pot

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German expert loves to eat earthenware pot

Grocer Wu net    2008-08-26 15:06:46.0

Those who accompany life rhythm is ceaseless accelerate, we and healthy life position appear further and further. According to statistic: Of 38% German do not attend physical training, the Chinese of 1/3 overweights. To pioneer healthy life concept, association of German agriculture food and Chinese nutrition learn on August 15, 2008, the autograph is held to arrange a ceremony in Beijing. " life times " the reporter had a special report to German nutrition expert.

Traditional diet structure is fine, fruit vegetables proportion is high. Lofty of seat of member of directorate of German agriculture association expresses, the dietary structure of Chinese tradition has a lot of is worth German the place that draw lessons from. Intake of Chinese vegetable fruity is compared apparently German much, what be a foundation with fruit, vegetable and soja is prandial, let China establish healthy diet means and healthy and prandial model for the world. Nevertheless the dietary habit of now Chinese also produced rapid change, the dietary means with unreasonable west is like snack to wait to enter China quickly, tall fat, high in syrup and high-energy food are more and more popular. Instantly wants learn a lesson this.

German nutrition expert loves to eat Chinese earthenware pot. Dr. Lang Ke represents member of institute of German food medical service, cooking culture of China is broad and profound, cate breed is diversiform, and come up from nutrient angle say to be worth to draw lessons from very much. For instance, they love to eat Chinese earthenware pot very much. Because the vegetable breed inside earthenware pot is diversiform, the fleshy products that still can put is like chicken, beef, collocation is rich and reasonable, and the flavour that soup expects is very delicious also, dissolved many nutrient, beneficial healthy.   draws bad person to digesting especially, eating earthenware pot is a kind of good choice more.

Milk products absorbs inadequacy. Dr. Lang Ke expresses, german food also is worth a Chinese to draw lessons from a little. For instance of milk products absorb. Chinese milk products had greater progress two this years, but the breed that suckles a product is less still. For instance cheese. Milk products is the optimal choice of food filling calcium, cheese contains the milk products with most calcium just about, and these calcium are absorbed very easily; Next in cheese adipose with quantity of heat more, but cholesterol content is lower however, put in advantageous one side to cardiovascular health. Actually, china also has eat milk kind the tradition of goods, "Finest cream " one word points to a kind of rough-wrought cheese products namely. Dr. Lang Ke expresses, hope more and more Chinese also can increase milk products absorb, the buildup of whole side nutrition.
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