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Cut off extreme to should not be long bubble

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Cut off extreme to should not be long bubble

The different position on dawdle body, nutrient content is different also. To the fungus of the strong power such as Xianggu mushroom, pileus is richer than stipe nutrition, the most comfortable at edible is fresh relatively young light dawdle seed body.

Pileus nutrition content is highest, and tenderer slip, mouthfeel is good, and decrease stage by stage to composition of endmost moment nutrition, additional, root ministry is cooked harder also, so general the root most endmost part is cut go down, this is optimal has a way.

When clean, because dawdle surface has mucus, silt is stuck above, not easy and abluent. Can put bit of salt agitate to make its deliquescent first in water, put dawdle in the bubble in water to be washed again a little while next, perhaps put in cleaning out Mishui to wash, such silt are washed very easily; Additional, before washing mushroom, must take stipe root the take out of hard the base of a fruit of more sandy soil, because this place uses saline bleb,pass not easy also and abluent.   

Those who need an attention is, dawdle resembles sponge, OK and bibulous. Because this does not want,immerse for long. When bubble does mushroom, can keep rock water, can let it be sent more quickly.

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