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Hold, look, hear

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Hold, look, hear

Buy stay of proceedings kind when, how should choose nutrition the dawdle with good quality? Chairman of Wang Hexiang of association of Beijing edible bacterium teachs everybody a few small doohickey.

Hold. Observation water content. Some pedlar to add weight, can give stay of proceedings kind bubble water, the extruding that use a hand falls to be able to discover, such dawdle not only be short of jin short 2, deposit time limit is shorter also, allow easy metamorphism.

See maturity. Do not buy the dawdle of beyond the mark maturity, 7, 8 maturity are best, otherwise dawdle character is reduced easily.

See the surface. Outside dividing slippery stay of proceedings, acupuncture needle stay of proceedings, had better buy the surface to do not have decay, appearance is more complete, without water be soiled, do not send sticky.

Smell odour. The choice does not have ache slightly smell.

Fresh stay of proceedings kind nutrient value is highest, work a difference on flavour a few, souse and potted product are more inferior on nutrition and gust. Nevertheless, the fragrance of the Xianggu mushroom that we often eat comes out in the bake below 65 ℃ , because this works piece it is best choice. To working piece, souse and can kind product, best choice believes has gotten big manufacturer, notice Biemaite fastens white product.

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