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Tibetian food is formal with contraindication

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Tibetian is a very exquisite and formal nation. Folkway is honest, comity is courteous, honour old love young, sincere letter does not have bully is the etiquette and custom of simple good people that hands down since ancient times. In Wen Wenna of Dunhuang ancient Tibet, on history of Tibetan regime in ancient China of record and narrate general of generation assist falls from the day of the world advocate when depicted Tibetan ground and folkway so: "It is in the center of the day, the center of the earth, the heart of the world, snow mountain the fountainhead of all rivers, hill Gao Tujie, district happiness, the person knows to be be apt to, the heart gives birth to heroism, custom simple good people... express greeting in order to bow, in order to support sufficient for the ceremony, talk with honorific to classy person... " . In Dunhuang Gu Cangwen document, one is discussed technically stay receive thing, play document of cultural full length ethnics " formal question and answer is written roll " , the way that offerred humanness, for politics the path, path that is friend, for child the extensive ethics of the path concerns. If be when the path that elaborates humanness, " write roll " the cloud:

"Younger brother asks: Why be the path that be an upright person? The path that He Weifei is an upright person?

Elder brother cloud: The path that be an upright person is not notarial, give presents, kind, docile, commiserative, angry pay a debt of gratitude, know shame, discretion assiduous.

Although not intelligent resource, if have these, all people all can favorite, the relative also installs peaceful. Be not the path that be an upright person is partial, ruthless and cruel, flirtatious, shameless, ingrate, without sympathize with heart, irritable, proud, lazy. If have these trouble,go up personally, all person neither will be favorite. All person neither will be favorite..

Soft support dry cloth makes " 16 only ways " in, have give presents parents, respect heart, elders respects relatives and friends of old, sincere love, integrity to wait to be serious content without bully, produced far-reaching effect to the formation with the formal and consuetudinary ethics of Tibetian.

The food of Tibetian is reflecting the ethical spirit of Tibetian formal and deeply. At ordinary times, family and neighborhood get along well, honour old love young, sincere letter needs a person. Good wine was made in the home, head path wine " Qiang is approved " (wine new Chang- - after deities of Phud) Jing Xian, sample by the old person above all. Reap new food every year, have a taste of what is just in season also is old people " patent " . Daily family repast, when distributing food by housewife be the chef, it is to be better to fill above all, next the family is surrounded get together dine by igneous pond, be in harmony of its Le Rong. Tibetian person is very hospitable, entertain a guest enthusiastic Zhou Dao, if have guest friend call at sb's house, calm meeting bend its are all, take out entertainment of great kindness of good food of good wine good tea.
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