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The Great Heat food of 24 solar term is consuetudinary

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 Great Heat

Great Heat food is consuetudinary

Solar term of      Great Heat is in commonly the Gregorian calendar on July 22 or 23 days. Heat is burning hot meaning, great Heat is the hottest solar term in a year. " the month makes the 72 solution that await part " say about Great Heat: In June, ... heat, hot also, divide in heat for size, it is at the beginning of the month small, the middle of a month is big, today criterion steam Judas also. Ancient time is Great Heat cent 3 await: Await corrupt grass to be firebug; The 2 embellish that await land humid (R ù ) heat; 3 the travel when awaiting heavy rain. The firebug on the world has more than 2000 kinds about, cent is aquatic give birth to two kinds with land, terricolous firebug lays eggs on Yu Kucao, when Great Heat, firebug egg is changed and go out, so the ancients thinks corrupt grass becomes firebug; Humid, wet also, gas profit of earth, reason evaporate gloomy and for wet hot weather, common weighs dirty heat is also; Constantly big thunderstorm can appear, this heavy rain makes hot weather wet abate, weather begins Xiang Liqiu to transfer.

     Great Heat is worth " the second of the three ten-day periods of the hot season " around, it is the hottest period in a year, air temperature is highest, crop grows the fastest, major area drought, waterlogged, disaster caused by a windstorm is most frequent also. Civilian adage has: Standing grain fizzles out day and night to Great Heat; Early rice grabs day, when late rice is grabbed; Great Heat does not cut standing grain, a day little one a bamboo basket; If Slight Heat rain is silver-colored, great Heat rain is like gold. Burning hot Great Heat is the season that jasmine, lotus blooms.

     celestial being is careless

Great Heat food is consuetudinary

     celestial being is careless (Mesona Chinensis) , celestial being is grass of renown bean jelly, careless, grass of celestial being of labial form division belongs to herb. Feed amphibious plant resource for important medicine. As a result of its magical disappear heat effect, be known as " celestial being is careless " . After cauline leaf insolation can make it burns celestial being grass, one belt of Guangdong calls bean jelly, it is the sweetmeats of heat of a kind of disappear. Itself also can be used as medicine. Civilian adage: Great Heat will eat celestial being grass in June, if the immortal won't be old,live. The grass that burn celestial being is Taiwan famous fastfood one of, have cold, heat two kinds have a way. The exterior of the grass that burn celestial being and taste all Ling of another kind of of popularity of area of HongKong and Macow of similar another name for Guangdong Province fastfood chelonian creams, have the effect of clear hot detoxify as much. But avoid of this food pregnant woman eats.
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