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The culture of food of talk station government office of hundred years inheritan

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     cooking is the component with inseparable culture. Each dish department is reflecting certain folk custom, it is a specific culture magnetic field. Dish of palace of talk station government office, be paid close attention to by the investigator place of culture, just about because of its unique culture character. In hundred years inheritance, dish of palace of talk station government office was created inadvertently many " the first " .

 Dish of palace of government office of    talk station

The culture of food of talk station government office of hundred years inheritance

The first dish that comes from palace is     : According to dish of feudal official of talk station government office the 4th generation passes person Zheng Shuguo to introduce, the feudal official dish of talk station government office comes from the small board room of government office of Beijing respectful infante at first. Zheng cultivates great-grandfather Zheng Xingwen of the country, namely the introduction of dish of feudal official of station government office person, young when do obeisance to division to be over there. After dispatching troops, zheng Xingwen is managed in Beijing " true flavour of old hutch home is resided " , because prentice eunuch will give on poached eggs by accident, make restaurant is broken close down. Below the friend's introduction, zheng Xingwen is taking 14 outstanding chef to come to Harbin, also take palace dish first time Harbin.

The dietary school that      exclusive inheritance can check: Zheng Shuguo is the whole nation's youngest cooking Great Master, for generations is hutch is his soliddest base.

    occupies Introduction Zheng Shuguo, "Old hutch home " can withhold below hundred years old cookbook and the cooking craft of hundred years, because his extraction is acting,be hutch namely. According to introducing, the dish of feudal official of talk station government office that inheritance comes down, not be first palace course any more, zheng Xingwen is used to the food of palace dish and Harbin photograph confluence, especially shirt-sleeve the characteristic of partial Western-style food, formed dish of distinctive Zheng feudal official. Zheng Xingwen left station government office 1920, be in China of port head area with son Zheng Yilin 10 streets (the area in present path on the west 10 streets) open " old hutch home " , ever since the hutch that son Zheng Xuezhang of Zheng Yilin receives palm handed down from the older generations of the family art, till today's the 4th generation Zheng cultivates a country.

     tries the earliest to do the cook of Western-style food: Talk station government office locals authorities dish is fastened, it is the dish department that breaths out port to try Western-style food the earliest. According to Introduction Zheng Shuguo, as a result of middle east railroad build, bank Jiang Guandao and Russian contact with became much rise, talk station government office often fete Russian. To suit the Russian's taste, zheng Hangwen learns Western-style food to the railroad club of Russian open, it is one of chef that the attempt Western-style food with Harbin the earliest this locality makes. Become civilian cate now " boiler includes the pork " , it is the innovation that Zheng Xing Wenzhong combines on the west.
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