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6 kinds of Chongqing cate hot

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EmbraceThe marriage that has love makes person confusing drunk, have the Chongqing food with hot hemp to make popular feeling drunk, although great majority is fond of the Chongqing person with hot, hot be addicted to not to like " Chongqing dish is hemp hot " view, but must admit again, hemp is hot just be the distinguishing feature that Chongqing dish cannot lack. Thinking actually also is, no matter north of the Great Wall thes northern part of the country or Na Jiang heats up earth, when deadbeat people when walking into Chongqing food shop, one is cherished to be opposite in the heart hemp is expected hotly. If was become not hemp is not hot, that perhaps should fall instead the next is not authentic complain a name.

Worldly 100 flavour love alone hot

Of course, chongqing dish besides hemp hot beyond, still by different chili breed, assist with different flavoring, through different cooking technology processing, derived flooey hot, burnt is hot, sweet hot, delicacy is hot, acerbity hot etc a variety of not duplicate flavour, formed the hot charm amorous feelings with Chongqing attractive dish thereby.

Hemp is hot, without doubt, this is Chongqing dish the most authentic, most one kind of bully gas hot, chinese prickly ash of bright red gown and dry chili of famous 2 metal bars form its main flavoring You Hanyuan, into flavour already hemp and hot, gongyan of colour and lustre is like fire, use extensively at all sorts of famous or obscure dish is medium, for instance dish of series of time set, Xiang Yu the Conqueror is waited a moment. Hemp piquancy having cold hot food part, the hemp in cold food is hot by face of refined salt, white sugar, soy, red oil, balm, Chinese prickly ash (oily) mediate and become, have hemp, hot, salty, sweet, the characteristic with full-bodied flavour, bolo ear piece chicken of hall of All Souls'Day of He Chongqing county piece it is to compare good food to taste among them. The hemp piquancy photograph in hot food compares cold food, many " very hot " word, as a result of " iron when 3 delicacy " cause, still have so " bright " characteristic. When mediating, general little not valve of beans of county of fabaceous Chi fine and soft and chili face, Pi. Be in nevertheless of the near future in flavorring, because got the influence of chaffy dish, the chaffy dish oil that many people come out abstraction is used at modulation to heat up dish hemp piquancy, formed then famous " red soup series " , sell very in a lot of wine shop fire. When modulation hemp piquancy, having a bit is very crucial, that adds candy namely -- , shirt-sleeve 100 flavour, like nature itself.

Burnt is hot, burnt is hot kind dish nature is with kung-pao chicken most famous, allegedly this dish is to come from Guizhou formerly, but the person must letting forget it in the flourishing in Chongqing dish is Guizhou book. Modulation piquancy of this kind of burnt, be not is to want a cooked food or flavoring fries burnt eat, when should doing chili section and investment of grain of Chinese prickly ash to heat up oily boiler however, pass tall oil to be aroused lukewarmly, chili section and bead of Chinese prickly ash are changing the hot aroma of a kind of burnt that the dispersion before the critical point of burnt comes out. The dry chili part that burnt hot place uses, with Sichuan 2 twigs of the chaste tree had better, as to Chinese prickly ash, be bright red gown of course. Although the main condiment of this different thing and hemp piquancy is same, but what become flavour disparate however, have similar place hardly. When cook, oil is lukewarm together, join chili division first, bead of Chinese prickly ash is put after, what such ability uses up burnt is hotly is sweet, can fry burnt really otherwise.
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