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Food of Wei Wu Er

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     the Uygur nationality lives in the The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, its ethnic group and language belong to Turkey nation system, population makes an appointment with 6.5 million people to distributing in the city at Xinjiang whole area and countryside. The ancestor of     the Uygur nationality is equestrian nomadic. When Chinese generation, hun is very active on Asian ministry highland. Later, the in successive years of make a stand against of the nomad empire of Austronesian of A Er peaceful and Hun is continuous, a Huihe that Tang Tianbao lives the iron that nomadism lives 3 years to strap tribe in the north of Tujue (namely the Uygur nationality) replace east Tujue, in Mongolia north region of river of muddy of Er of another name for Hubei province built nomad nation. After this, the relation of the Uygur nationality and Tang Chao is deepened ceaselessly. After below 9 centuries of     half leaf, the Uygur nationality is driven out of Mongolia north highland, they migrate via river westing corridor inside municipality of today's Xinjiang the Uygur nationality. After this, the food of the Uygur nationality from before give priority to change to be with the flesh, breast give priority to with cereal, it is with the flesh complementary. To the Uygur nationality, greater society changes is religious change. Cross a the Pamirs to develop eastwards along the Silk Road a long time ago rub Buddhist nun teaching and Buddhist force, till 13 centuries, all fail in the religious battle that has with the Islamite. Then, this one area became Mohammedan society thoroughly. The Uygur nationality is complete a group of things with common features alter a letter Mohammedan, its food culture also is joined went in Mohammedan food circle. Mirror in person of Wei Wu Er the dietary culture in today's diet, one when include this nation to regard Turkey as the nation not only takes the dietary culture that the He Weiwu of traditional food culture that hand down forms after conversion of Er a group of things with common features is Mohammedan from antediluvian nomadism times, and still include this nation to be the same as all round the colorful dietary culture of the generation in the communication of other nation and area. This kind of colorful food culture and the Uygur nationality that live in outfit Xinjiang area are very proportional. Because this one area ever regarded a thing as communication course of Fang Wenming, main effect was produced on the history. Can say, this one area also is culture of thing square food hand in collect a place. There is representative food most in the dietary culture of the Uygur nationality is to bake hotpot to string together (words of Wei Wu Er says for " crack cloth " ) . From on the west inferior each district can see this kind of provision to the street of Urumqi. Hotpot foot looks resembling is to come from the west, but it is the food with Turkey inherent nation actually. String together with hotpot different, corn, pink feeds kind of food to use wheat flour and miscellaneous farina mediumly to bake the caky crusty pancake that make, can be being regarded is what pass into from the west is medium the dietary culture of type of the Near East.     face kind in the pulls a face to already popularized the Uygur nationality innumberable families in food, its make a method have two kinds: One kind is to resemble spinning same a noodle is ordinal spin in putting bowl; Another kind is a noodle with two tactics double type ground relapses the method that jackknife spins. These pull a face to be able to regard be traceable the Han nationality to pull area culture. As to rice have a way, the Uygur nationality is a rice normally make consummate call " simple work " assorted fries a meal (catch a meal namely) . People puts hotpot, vegetable and grape in rice. 3 fingers catch the dexterous when edible feed. This kind of means that have a meal, also belong to Mohammedan dietary culture. The cooks rice into congee food method of the Han nationality did not pass into the Uygur nationality.

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